Find the best real money online casino

We all dream of winning big, and now we can try our luck from the comfort of our own homes thanks to real money online casinos. It’s dead easy to sign up at an online casino (real money ones included), deposit a small (or large) amount, and play games for cash. Whether you prefer slots, fruit machines, table games, progressive jackpots, or live dealer titles, there’s something for everyone out there and hundreds of different games for each online casino category exist. It’s simply a matter of finding the one that speaks to you the most and sticking with it until it you reap the rewards. After all, these are games of chance, but it’s only those that choose to play that have any chance to win money online, whether in one large chunk or over several sessions.

Today, then, we will be showing you how to find the best real money online casinos out there, as well as outlining your chances of winning and which types of games increase your chances of winning a huge prize. We’ll then show you how to claim various different bonuses, from welcome bonus packages to reload bonuses and cashback deals, to increase your playing funds and we’ll also show you how easy to withdraw your winnings at the end of it all. So, with so much to cover here, we had better get started, beginning with some common questions…

Is it possible to win money online?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about online casinos – along with ‘are online casinos rigged?’. Of course, the answer is that it is perfectly possible to win real money at an online casino, and thousands of players do so on a daily basis – and every now and then, some lucky punter walks away with millions, though that’s quite rare, as you would expect. Many players lose some money, too, but they received hours of entertainment in return, so that’s just par for the course. If you play games for cash, there’s always going to be that risk element, but that’s what makes those times when you do win money online that little bit extra special.

You might ask how we’re so sure that it’s possible to win real money at numerous online casinos. Well, aside from all of the PlaceYourBets team playing cash games regularly and coming out on top many times over the years, all of the games are independently tested for fairness. Random number generators (RNGs) are employed to ensure that every player gets the same treatment. And because of this, every single spin or round has exactly the same chances of winning as the one that came before it and the one that will come after it. Some online casinos even show a feed of all the wins, losses, profits made, and so on – these real money slots and other casino games are called Provably Fair and they’re well worth investigating if you’re still skeptical. So, now let’s discover which games are more likely to produce big wins…

The best games for winning real money

The undisputed kings of mega wins running into the millions of euros, dollars, or pounds are the progressive jackpot slots. One player who wished to remain anonymous took home a cool €18.9 Million while playing Microgaming’s famed progressive jackpot slot series Mega Moolah on an Android mobile device. This record set in late 2018 remains the largest online casino jackpot win to this very day. All of which goes to show that, if you want to go after the very largest prizes in the industry, you should probably play slots for real money. Real money slots (particularly those linked around the world in a progressive format) offer your best chance at the big time!

However, because progressive jackpot slots end up paying one player a massive chunk of change every few weeks or months, the regular wins and their frequency tends to diminish. Therefore, you could opt to play real money games in other categories to build up smaller wins over time. For example, there are plenty of strategies for playing roulette that start off modestly and gradually build up your wins over many rounds. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race! And finally, it is possible to find free casino games to play for real money – by utilizing sign-up free spins for certain titles, you can even win real money without making a single deposit. Be sure to check out the welcome bonus banners and top lists on here for more on those deals!

Find the best real money online casinos

You’re probably wondering where you can find top online casinos. Well, you’re in the right place, as PlaceYourBets reviews all of the best casino sites, providing you with a detailed breakdown of all the pros and cons of each brand. Plus, we give you access to the best welcome bonuses via links that take you straight to a site’s registration page. Each review covers the available games, the welcome bonus you will receive, and whether there are a few freebies available just for signing on the dotted line – no deposit required! Then, we also go over the level of customer support you can expect to receive, the number of payment methods available in your country, and details of the site’s safety and security. In short, you will get a complete picture of a real money online casino so you can make an informed decision about where to play.

So, whenever you’re in the market for a new real money online casino or you want to compare the best casino sites, simply pop over to PlaceYourBets to get the lowdown. As slots and table games enthusiasts ourselves, we like nothing more than helping our fellow players find the best options for online gambling for real money. After all, nothing makes us happier than seeing someone beat the house and walk away with a life-changing amount of real money. Stick with us and we’ll do our best to assist you in your quest for overcoming the best real money casinos.

Get extra cash with welcome bonuses

We wanted to return to those super attractive welcome bonuses for a second. That’s because, whenever you’re playing at a real money casino, your best chance of winning usually comes within the first couple of weeks when you have more available cash. With a significant boost in your available playing funds, especially if the real money site is offering 200% or 300% (or even more) on top of your first few deposits, then you can afford to play a little fast and loose – and pretty much do it all with the casino’s own cash! Here’s how they work… 

When you first sign up at a real money online casino, you may be given a few free spins to try out one or two of the games and get a feel for the site and its various functions. But even if you play at a site that doesn’t have a sign-up offer, you’re more than likely to receive a percentage or match deposit bonus that will significantly boost your bankroll and enable you to play real money slots (or any other game types) on the casino’s dime. Often, you can claim more than one deposit bonus, giving you even more bites at the proverbial cherry. Welcome bonuses give you excellent opportunities to win money online. Just be sure to fulfill the wagering requirements afterward, otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw your windfall!

Reload bonuses for more playing time

Following on from the welcome bonus period, there are some more opportunities to take the real money casino to the cleaners. The most well-known of these is called a reload bonus. These are normally advertised on the site’s Promotions page if they are a regular occurrence, or otherwise, they are sent to you periodically via email or SMS text message – just be sure to check the box in your account settings so that you can receive marketing communications from the online casino. A reload bonus works in pretty much the same way as the welcome bonuses mentioned above. You make a deposit into your account and the real money casino will give you a percentage of that deposit on top. Not bad at all, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Reload bonuses aren’t the only offer that can give you a helping hand when taking on the casino. For example, some brands offer a cashback deal. With this one, you are part-insured against any losses made within the promotion period, as a percentage of them will be given back to you in the form of bonus cash should you hit a bad run of form. Likewise, you’re more than likely to receive extra free spins from time to time or be able to cash in your loyalty points for even more bonus action. In short, then, while you will normally receive the bulk of your bonuses during the welcome phase, there will be lots of chances to increase your playing funds over the weeks, months, and years should you choose to stick around on a real money site.

Withdraw your online casino winnings

Assuming you’ve taken all of our advice above, there will be times when you are ready to withdraw your winnings so that you can go shopping for a new TV, the latest gadget, or even a vacation if you really have won a significant amount of real money. No doubt you will be excited to get ahold of your money as soon as possible – but you must complete a few vital bu simple steps before you can flash the cash about the place. You will already have been through the depositing process by this stage, of course, so making a withdrawal should be an absolute doddle. Just note that many real money online casinos insist that you use the same payment method for both making deposits and requesting withdrawals – so it’s best to plan ahead!

Withdrawing is largely the same process as depositing but in reverse. Simply head to the Withdrawal page (this differs from brand to brand, but can usually be found in your account area easily enough). You choose the payment method by which you wish to receive the booty, whether that’s via a credit/debit card, online banking system, or one of the numerous eWallets out there, from a dropdown menu – if this is tied to your deposit method, however, then the choice might be made for you. Then, enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your available funds, enter whatever other details are required onscreen, then wait for the pending period is over to receive your winnings in your account. Just note that you may need to complete some security checks by uploading copies of your ID and proof of address if it’s your first withdrawal.

Real Money Casino – bottom line

As we have seen throughout exploring this topic, it’s perfectly possible to play online casino for real money and come out on top at the end of it all. Many players over the years have won huge sums of cash by taking on the real money casinos. Of course, there are losses along the way, but that just adds to the excitement, in our opinion. Taking advantage of welcome bonus packages, reload bonuses, and cashback deals (as well as always using your free spins) will give you even more chances of taking home a big win or two, so we advise grabbing these opportunities whenever they come up. And, as we have seen, there is no better place than right here at PlaceYourBets to find that perfect welcome offer and start playing real money games.