Online Roulette

The centuries-old game of roulette is enjoyed by millions of players around the world, especially now that it’s so easy to join an online casino and play it from wherever you happen to be. What’s more, you can choose to play video versions, whereby the action is animated with sophisticated graphics, or else opt for a Las Vegas-style game with the live dealer releases. There’s also more than one type of online roulette you can play, from the classic forms of European (or French) and American versions to modern alternatives like mini roulette, multi-wheel roulette, and ones with a la partage rules.

Here, in this short article on one of the most enduring casino games of all time, then, we will be briefly covering the history of the table game, explaining to you the main differences between the major versions, and showing you how easy it is to find free online roulette. And, of course, we’ll round things off with a short guide to finding an online casino that enables you to play roulette online for real money. So, let’s get the wheel spinning, place our bets, and get started…

A brief history of roulette

This classic game began its life in 18th Century France, with evidence of the modern version being played as far back as 1796 in the luxurious salons of Paris. The game then spread to Monte Carlo in Monaco, to areas of Germany where the single-zero European version was created, and over to America to end up as a staple of grand casinos based in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. It is also featured in Hollywood movies, especially those of James Bond, and has been associated with glamor ever since. It is now played by millions across the whole world in the form of online roulette, as well as continuing to bring people into luxury resort casinos.

European roulette versus American

There are two main versions of the table game that have survived to the present day. And both of them are likely to be the very first thing you play at either a land-based casino or online. The first of these is the oldest one, often referred to as French or European. We recommend trying out European roulette online as soon as you can, as it gives you the best chances of winning. This is because of the single zero pocket – which gives the house a slight edge for even money bets on red/black/odd/even/high/low, lowering the odds of winning each time to just below 50%.

The American version, while still a lot of fun, has the dreaded double zero as well as a single zero pocket. This lowers your chances of winning on similar bets to 47.37% – whereas the European version places the odds of winning even money bets at a slightly better 48.65%. Therefore, the house edge in European roulette is a very low 2.70% (even lower with a la partage rules applied), but American roulette’s double zero gives a house edge of 5.25%. To understand the differences in practice, we highly recommend that you try out some free European roulette games and compare them to American versions. Speaking of which…

Play roulette for free online

A great many online casinos enable you to practice roulette using a demo mode or free-to-play version of the game – although it is not possible to play Live Casino roulette for free because of the need to keep paying customers at the tables. Therefore, you can play free American roulette or the European version by simply heading over to an online casino, choosing Table Games or Roulette from the submenus, and opting for ‘Demo’ or ‘Free’ modes. Just note that certain countries such as the United Kingdom prohibit the use of free roulette practice via demo games.

For those in the vast majority of countries, however, you can play roulette for free and practice your skills ahead of playing online roulette for real money later on. This is especially important if you don’t quite know all of the rules, you want to try out a new roulette betting strategy, or you just want to while away a few hours playing a casino classic. We say, go for it! Playing free online roulette is a fun, risk-free way of spending your time. But, as to which online casino will suit your needs best, let’s go over a few considerations…

Find online roulette casinos

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Online roulette – bottom line

As we have seen from this short article, online roulette has largely superseded the classic table game played at thousands of land-based casinos. Players prefer using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access a range of different games from the comfort of their own home. Plus, you get to try the many different versions whenever you want, whether that’s European, American, or a la partage roulette, for example. And to get as close as possible to the Las Vegas experience, we highly recommend that you try out a live casino version of online roulette right now!